back pain, Exercises & Pars Defect, Lifting techniques to help prevent back injury, Pars Defects


Since the spine can be very vulnerable while suffering from Pars Defect, certain exercises may cause extra stress on the back. It is important to speak with your doctor about your specific condition before further harming your back or spine. Below are three exercises to avoid:

(a) Heavy weight lifting

Weightlifting, especially if improper lifting technique is used can take a toll on your back. While lifting, you are placing extra strain on your back, especially on your lower or lumbar region.

(b) Twisting or bending

Although core exercises for Pars Defect can be vital in strengthening your abdominal muscles and your back, make sure to avoid those exercises that involve excessive twisting to the side or bending over, such as toe touching. This may cause further injury to your spine and cause additional pain.

(c) High Impact activities

It’s important to remain active during your recovery process from Pars Defect, but it’s advised to stay away from those exercises that may cause harm to your back. Exercises such as running, basketball, football, rugby should be avoided until you are healed.


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