Foot drop


This is difficulty in lifting the front part of the foot. This can make walking challenging. Drop foot is a muscular or paralysis condition that make it difficult to lift the front part of the the foot or toes.


Treatment for drop foot will depend on the cause. Early treatment may improve chances of recovery. Treatments may include: lightweight braces, shoes inserts (arthotics), physical therapy, surgery.

  • Lightweight braces are the most common treatment. They are used to support the leg.
  • Physical therapy is used to strengthen foot and leg muscles. Physical therapy may improve a person’s ability to walk. In some cases, electronic devices may stimulate the leg nerves during walking.
  • Surgery may be recommended to try to repair or decompress a damaged nerve. In cases where foot drop is permanent, surgery may be used to fuse foot and ankle joint or to transfer tendons from stronger muscles and that may help improve gait and stability.

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