Home exercises


Before you start determine your goals. Everyone will want different things out of their workout and have preferences towards different exercise formulas. Make sure that you chose one which suit you and are within your fitness ability. https://www.nhs.uk/live-well/exercise/10-minute-workouts/


(1) Squats

Muscles worked: quads, gluts, hamstring, calves & abs

Important guidelines when doing squats:

> The back should stay straight.

> Go to the seated position and keep abs tight.

> As you start to feel more confident try sitting lower in the seat position.

> Holding the squat for longer will improve muscular endurance.

(2) Push ups

Muscles worked: triceps, abs, back muscles, deltoids (shoulders), pectorals (chest)

Important guidelines when doing push ups:

> Keep the back in straight line from head to toe.

> Lower yourself slowly to ensure that you are working muscles to their maximum potential.

> Increase repetitions to increase difficult levels.

(3) Lunges

Muscles worked: hamstring, quads, gluts, calves and abs

Important guidelines when doing lunges:

> Keep your back straight.

> Do not allow bent knee to touch the floor.

> Ensure balance before moving between lunges.

> Adding hand weights will increase intensity.

> Slow repetitions will ensure that you achieve the maximum work potential.

> Engage core muscles, maintain tension in abs.


(1) Bridge (raise hips off the floor whilst lying on your back)

Muscles worked: gluts

Important guidelines while doing bridge:

> Ensure you feel balance before the lift.

> Keep shoulders firmly on the floor.

> Pushing hips higher will increase difficult levels and improve muscle strength.

> Maintain tension in gluts and abs.

(2) Plank

Muscles worked: back and abs

Important guidelines while doing plank:

> Increase time holding the plank position to make it more challenging.

> Ensure that your back remains straight.

> This is the great exercise for holding strength for push-ups.


Muscles worked: abs

Important guidelines while doing crunch:

> A variation on the sit up, but you only lift your shoulders a couple of inches off the floor.

> Remember that your abs are producing the movement not your neck and back.

> Hold raised position for a couple of seconds to tailor it to your ability.

(4) HAMSTRING CURL (on all fours)

Muscles worked: hamstring

Important guidelines while doing hamstring curl:

> Bend and straighten the leg with a slow controlled motion.

> Tension in abs will aid balance and core strength.

> Once leg is bent at 90 degrees raising the heel towards the ceiling will work gluts and add another element to the exercise.


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