back pain


(1) Not resting

Most back injuries result from overusing muscles, which can lead to minor muscle strains or tears. Most Sports Journal observes that 97 % of back pain in the general adult population and the majority of low back pain in college athletes is caused by “muscle strains, ligament sprains, and soft tissue contusions.” This sort of injury requires rest to heal. This doesn’t mean you must be confined to the couch until your back gets better. In fact, you should exercise to keep your muscles strong. You can swim, walk, do yoga, and perform certain stretches to stay in shape while you rehabilitate.

(2) Not eating right

Your body needs fuel to heal, and the right kind of fuel can heal you faster. Though back pain is often due to a muscle strain, the pain is directly caused by inflammation. So if you can eat foods that limit inflammation, your back pain should lessen. Foods rich in omega-3 and mono-saturated fats such as fish are highly recommended to reduce inflammation, as are brightly coloured plants like carrots, berries, and grapes. In addition to anti-inflammatory foods, protein helps speed the recovery process. Above all, make sure to eat enough. You may want to eat less since you are not exercising as much, but your body needs the additional fuel as energy to heal your back injury.

(3) Not seeing a professional

Most of the time pain from your back comes from simple strains that heal over time. But some injuries are more severe. You could have a pinched nerve or another condition that requires professional help to get better. Going to a doctor can be a solution.

(4) Seeing the wrong professional

By “professional,” I mean a licensed physician or back specialist, not a massage therapist, chiropractor or acupuncture specialist. I mean an actual doctor who can look at your back and diagnose the reasons for your pain. A licensed physician or back specialist who can do an x-ray, MRI scans and other diagnostic tests. A diagnosis is necessary to ensure that you do not re-injure the affected part.

(5) Not committed

Back injury is demoralising, and the process of healing and rehabilitation is painful. But the more you let it drag on, the longer the pain will persist. Motivation is key to ensuring that you fully commit to the rehabilitation process, and a positive mindset can help speed the recovery process. A medical professional can diagnose your injury and recommend methods and exercises for you to heal, but it is up to you to commit to them.


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