Core exercise


Any exercise that involves using your abdominal and back muscles together counts as a core exercise. One core exercise that may ease back pain by strengthening the muscles that support the spine is deep abdominal strengthening.

How to do deep abdominal strengthening?

  • lie on your back with a small cushion under your head,
  • bend your knees, keeping flat on the floor and hip-width apart,
  • keep your upper body relaxed with your chin gently tucked in,
  • as you breathe out, draw up the muscles of your pelvis and lower abdomen,
  • don’t tense up too much, this is a gentle contraction,
  • hold the position for 5-10 slow breaths and relax,
  • repeat 5 times.

Always check with your healthcare professional before starting any new exercise routine. If you feel a sharp or sudden pain while exercising, stop immediately and seek medical help.


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