Hamstring pain Vs Sciatica pain



  • People with hamstring pain can attribute pain to a specific incident, usually during a quick contraction.
  • Pain is localised in the posterior aspect of the thigh. Maybe a localised tightness.
  • An activity like movement tends to increase the symptom of pain.
  • Pain is better in sitting position.
  • Pain with stretch, contraction and palpation.
  • Muscle healing may take 6-8 weeks.


  • Maybe a nonspecific incident with a gradual onset.
  • Pain may radiate distally to the hamstring. Focal location of the pain can change. At times the pain can be felt to the toe.
  • Often worse with sitting, running or pressure on the gluteal/upper posterior thigh area.
  • Better with walking or standing.
  • May or may not have low back pain.
  • Local pain with palpation along the course of the nerve or in the muscles it innervates.

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