Arthritis on the spine and back pain


The three exercises below are recommended for those with arthritis:

  • Aerobic exercises. Aerobic exercises use the large muscle groups in the body and teach cardiovascular systems (heart, lungs, blood vessels) to work efficiently. This type of exercise also improves endurance, strengthens bones, enhances sleep and mood and help control weight. Low-impact aerobic exercises are preferred and these include swimming, water aerobics, stationary biking and walking.
  • Flexibility and range-of-motion exercises. Gentle stretching should be done daily and is especially important before beginning a workout. Stretching will also help promote relaxation and help prevent future injury to the joint.
  • Strength and resistance exercises. Strong muscles greatly reduce the amount of stress placed on arthritis joints. Strengthening exercises also help muscles develop shock-absorbing abilities to protect joints from further pain and injury.

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