Cervical Fusion


Follow your healthcare provider’s instructions for wearing a cervical collar or brace. The neck collar or brace is important because it supports and correctly positions your neck after surgery. Be sure to follow instructions for its care, use, and the length of time you must wear it.

Don’t drive until your healthcare provider says it’s OK. This will most likely be when you can move your neck from side to side freely and without pain. Never drive while you are taking opioid pain medicine.

Wait for 5 to 7 days after your surgery to start showering. Then shower as needed. You may be instructed to use a neck collar while you shower. If so, carefully remove it when you finish showering. Then keep your neck correctly positioned as you gently pat dry your skin, the incision, and the neck collar. Then put the neck collar back on. Don’t rub the incision, or apply creams or lotions on it.

Don’t soak in bathtubs, hot tubs, or swimming pools until instructed by your healthcare provider.

Keep appointments for X-rays. They will be taken often to check the status of the cervical fusion. https://www.hey.nhs.uk/patient-leaflet/care-of-your-neck-following-cervical-spine-surgery/


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