Pain on neck


The neck has coordinated bones, muscles, nerves, joints and ligaments. Neck has the important job of providing support and mobility for the head.

There are a number of problems that cause pain in the neck. Irritation along nerve pathways in the neck can cause pain, sleeping in a wrong position without neck support, trauma, are some of the causes of the pain on the neck. Neck pain usually goes away within a few days or weeks but, pain that persists for months could signal an underlying medication cause that needs to be addressed. In most cases, early intervention may be necessary for the best results.

Neck pain may be sharp and located in one spot, or it might feel less intense but spread across a broader region. Sometimes the pain gets referred up to the head or accompanies a headache. Other times it can be accompanied by muscle spasms in the neck, upper back, or around the shoulder blade.


Some signs and symptoms associated with neck pain could indicate the health of a nerve root or the spinal cord is at risk, or perhaps there is an underlying disease or infection. These signs and symptoms may include fever or chills, pain or tingling that radiates into the arm(s) or leg(s), problems with balance or coordination, or other troublesome signs. A doctor must be consulted for an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment plan.