Back pain and sports


Almost everyone is at risk of having back pain at some point in their life regardless of whether or not you play sport. If you play sport, certain motions may put strain on your back muscles and cause pain. That is why its important to keep the muscles and ligaments that support your spine flexible and strong. A healthy spine can help prevent many sports injuries.

Below are some of the sports that can place stress on your spine:

  • Bicycling

Bicycling strengthens the muscles on your legs but, it can stress the muscles around your spine. Bending your lower spine forward while arching your back for long periods can strain your back and neck muscles.

  • Weightlifting

Weightlifting can put a lot of strain on the spine. This is particularly true for people who are middle-ages and older because their spinal disks may dry out and become thinner and more brittle with age.

  • Golf

The golf swing requires forceful rotation of spine and this puts stress on your spinal muscles, ligaments, joints and disks.

  • Running

The disks and small joints in the back are called facet joints. Running causes repeated jarring and compression on these areas of your lumbar spine.

  • Tennis

Motions that place stress on your spine while playing tennis including overstretching (arching) your back when serving, constant stopping and starting motions and forceful twisting of your spine when taking shots.

  • Skiing

Skiing can cause strain on your back, Before you start skiing, warm up and stretch the muscles in your legs and lower back.

  • Swimming

Although swimming can strengthen the muscles and ligaments in your spine and legs, it can also cause stress on your spine by keeping your lower back extended (arched) when doing strokes, such as crawl or the breaststroke and turning your back every time you take a breath.