back pain, Truck drivers and back pain


As a truck driver you are on your rear for long periods of time. A great memory foam seat cushion can save you from having back issues like sciatica, muscle degeneration or other health issues related to prolonged sitting while driving.

Driving long distances is very common for truck drivers, so its common to expect truck drivers to sit for long periods of time. While driving truck doesn’t sound too bad, sitting for long periods of time inside a vibrating vehicle can cause damage to human body.

Since truck drivers sit for long period of time driving trucks most of the day, its important for them to think about the type of seat they may use. The benefits of sitting on memory foam seat cushion may be more than sitting on a regular seat. Not only does memory foam seat cushion provide much needed support, but it also feels more comfortable to sit down on for hours at a time.

Sitting for a long period of time while driving, without taking a break, can do various things to the body, especially to your bones, posture, ligaments and muscles. Sitting while driving encourages the body to slouch into a rounded, usually C-Shaped posture, which can roll the pelvis and cause strain in ligaments and muscles. This also can increase pressure within the body’s intervertebral discs leading to more pain and discomfort.

Sitting for long period of time while driving can cause the back to curves causing the head to push forward and cause strain to neck muscles. The strain within neck muscles radiates down the back. It also creates muscle contraction that creates fatigue while limiting blood flow to the neck and back.

Poor posture caused by sitting for a long period of time while driving can also compromise circulation within the legs.


Vibration happens when a moving vehicle is in operation and can get worse if the vehicle passes over uneven road or pavement. The design of a large vehicle like a truck makes it more susceptible to harbouring minute vibrations, which do get ”absorbed” by the human body as the reverberate throughout the entire vehicle.


Although many trucks and larger vehicles are fitted with comfortable seats, sitting on top of a memory foam seat cushion can add more benefit.

The memory foam in a seat cushion helps reduce pressure on the tailbone (coccyx) and lower back. The curved design also help improve circulation to the legs and improves posture, reducing pressure on the spine while evenly distributing body weight.