back pain


  • Most back pains aren’t caused by any serious problems hence if you take it easy the back pain usually gets better within two weeks. Taking it easy does not mean bed rest. You might think that lying on the couch or lying on the bed all day will help you relieve your back pain, but the truth is you should keep moving.
  • Exercises and stretches commonly relieve minor back pain. If the back pain gets worse while doing exercises or stretches, stop immediately.
  • Use ice to relieve pain in the first 48 hours following minor back injury. Ice can be applied for 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off. After 48 hours you can try alternating between ice and heat.
  • The main cause of low back pain is the result of an injury such as muscle sprains or strains due to sudden movements or poor body mechanics while lifting heavy objects. Other cause of low back pain can also be the result of certain diseases such as cancer of a spinal cord, a ruptured or herniated disc, sciatica, kidney infections or infections of the spine.
  • Other conditions that cause lower back pain includes arthritis, fibromyalgia, long term pain and tenderness in the joints, muscles & tendons, spondylitis – inflammation of the joints between the spinal bones, spondylosis – degenerative disorder that may cause loss of normal spinal structure and function. Additional health conditions that can cause lower back pain include: kidney and bladder problems, pregnancy, endometriosis, ovarian cyst, uterine fibrosis, cancer.
  • If back pain does not get better after two weeks of doing exercises and stretches or if back pain gets worse, please go to your doctor for assessment and further tests.