back pain


(1) Cold and heat. These two methods are still the cornerstone of relieving pain for certain kinds of injuries.

(2) Physical therapy and occupational therapy. Physical therapists guide you through a series of exercises designed to preserve or improve your strength and mobility. Occupational therapists help you learn to perform a range of daily activities in a way that doesn’t aggravate your pain.

(3) Mind-body techniques. These techniques include meditation, mindfulness, and breathing exercises (among many others). They help you restore a sense of control over your body and turn down the “fight or flight” response, which can worsen chronic muscle tension and pain.

(4) Exercise. Examples can be gentle aerobic activities such as walking, swimming, or cycling.

(5) Music therapy. Listening to any kind of music can distract from pain or discomfort.

(6) Therapeutic massage. Massage can ease pain by working tension out of muscles and joints, relieving stress and anxiety, and possibly helping to distract you from pain.

(7) Yoga and tai chi. These two exercise practices incorporate breath control, meditation, and gentle movements to stretch and strengthen muscles.