back pain


Some back problems start for no obvious reason and this can be very frustrating. Back problems are rarely due to any serious disease or damage. Back problems can cause a range of symptoms, including:

  • muscle spasms
  • pins and needles due to nerve irritation
  • ¬†stiffness
  • hot, burning, shooting or stabbing pains in your back and sometimes into one or both of your legs

In many cases, new or flare-up of long-standing back problems should begin to settle within few weeks without the need to see a healthcare professional. For most back pain problems, you’ll not normally need an X-ray or MRI scan. However, speak to a healthcare professional as soon as possible if you:

  • feel unsteady when you walk
  • have back pain that starts when you’re ill with other problems – such as rheumatoid arthritis or cancer
  • feel generally unwell


Although most back problems start for no obvious reason, back pain can be caused by: