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  • Headache stemming from neck pain

    11th Mar 2023 by

    Headache stemming from neck pain is also referred to cervicogenic headache and is the example of referred pain. This is a pain in the neck that you feel in your head. People often develop cervicogenic headaches after an injury that causes whiplash or as a result of a pinched nerve in the neck. Arthritis, neck… Read more

  • How Are Neck and Shoulder Pain Treated?

    8th Mar 2023 by

    The treatment of soft tissue neck and shoulder pain often includes the use of anti-inflammatory medication.  Pain relievers such as acetominophen (Tylenol) may also be recommended. Depending on the source of pain, drugs like muscle relaxers and even antidepressants might be helpful.  Pain also may be treated with a local application of moist heat or ice. Local… Read more

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