back pain


Driving long distance can cause back pain. If your job involves long hours of driving or if you drive more than 30 minutes to work and more than 30 minutes from work you can develop back pain. Driving exposes your body to different forces that can cause pressure on your back. These forces include sudden break, vibration, acceleration and deceleration. Longer heavy goods drivers are exposed to a lot of vibration and consequently this group of drivers report more back pain.

Below are 8 tips to help prevent or alleviate back pain:

  • Plan your journey. Knowing how long your journey will be, will help you to take regular breaks before the back pain begins.
  • When driving long distance, take regular breaks and move around.
  • Do back stretches before you begin a journey, during your journey take breaks and do stretches when safe and possible and after the journey do stretches.
  • If possible, on long journeys, try to share the driving with another person.
  •  Try to maintain a good driving posture, this is easier to do if you adjust your seat and you seat on top of a specially designed memory foam seat cushion.
  •  When getting in and out of your vehicle, do not twist your back but rather rotate your whole body.
  • When loading and unloading items from your vehicle, use proper lifting technique when lifting a load.
  • Being comfortably seated is very important when driving. Ensure your seat is adjusted so it is comfortable for you. Seat on top of a specially designed memory foam seat cushion to help relieve the pressure on your back. This cushion is available on amazon on the following website
image of a 100% memory foam seat cushion. This cushion is placed on a car seat showing how it should be placed, U-shape design against the back of chair
100% memomory foam seat cushion
image of a 100% memory foam seat cushion placed on top pf the car seat with the driver of the car seating on top of the cushion

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